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Sun, 29 Jan 2017

Decopy - Yet another debian/copyright helper

As every responsible maintainer should know, having an updated debian/copyright file is very important but can also take a significant amount of work. A lot of copy & pasting, a lot of manual corrections, and a lot of opportunity for human errors.

There are several tools that help with this, but they all have their limitations. decopy is a newly uploaded tool (unfortunately too new for stretch) that aims to:

How to use it

In order to run it, after apt-get installing it, just go to a source package directory and run decopy in it. Depending on the size of the package, it might take a while (the thorough processing means that a lot of checking is going on). This will show you the generated debian/copyright file in stdout. If you want to store it and diff it against your current copyright file, use decopy --output /tmp/copyright.

There's more documentation in the README file.

Future changes

More licenses are coming, the intention is to support all licenses listed in the SPDX License List. Additionally, the analysis will be improved to prioritize looking for the most common licenses first, avoiding unnecessary delays.

More modes of operation are also coming. We are planning for a diff mode that shows you only the changes between the current copyright file and what the tool thinks should be there as well as an explain mode that will let the user know what the differences are in a more verbose manner.

Credits and source

Decopy was mainly written by Maximiliano Curia. I've added testing, documentation and packaging.

It's hosted in collab-maint, licensed under the ISC license. We would love to get more contributors for it :)

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