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Sat, 29 Dec 2007

Argentina changes timezone

In a sudden rush of stupidity, the Argentinian government decided that we should change our timezone to include DST.

For those that don't know, Argentina lies almost completely in the GMT-4 zone. 20 years ago we used to have DST, switching between GMT-4 and GMT-3. But since 1990 we've been using GMT-3 as the permanent timezone for our country. Thus, noon happens at 13:00 (or even later in more western parts of the country).

Now, since we are in energetic crisis, our government decided that we should go back to DST, but instead of GMT-4 and GMT-3, we are going to be GMT-3 and GMT-2. This means that during the summer noon will happen at 14:00 or later.

Not only this, but they decided to do this on December 21st, passed the law on December 26th, and published it on December 28th. And the day of the switch is December 30th!.

Thanks to the quick work of Clint Adams, a patch was provided, applied and uploaded to unstable today, and it's already available. After the package was uploaded, I patched Etch's version so that we could upgrade all our servers.

So, in case you need to take Argentina's stupidity into account, you can currently download tzdata_2007j-3 from unstable, or download tzdata_2007j-1etch2 from:

deb stable/volatile main
Updated to reflect current situation of the package

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Wed, 18 Apr 2007

Getting a Rhino

Ever since I stopped doing webpages, I've been missing having my own Rhino (the one I used in the past was not mine), but since I wasn't doing any JavaScript, it didn't make sense to spend U$S 50 on a book I wouldn't use.

Now, with the interactive web inteface for Debbugs being accepted as a Google Summer of Code project, I finally decided to buy one for me. I ordered it yesterday from Amazon.

I hope it gets here soon.

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