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Sun, 29 Jan 2017

Decopy - Yet another debian/copyright helper

As every responsible maintainer should know, having an updated debian/copyright file is very important but can also take a significant amount of work. A lot of copy & pasting, a lot of manual corrections, and a lot of opportunity for human errors.

There are several tools that help with this, but they all have their limitations. decopy is a newly uploaded tool (unfortunately too new for stretch) that aims to:

How to use it

In order to run it, after apt-get installing it, just go to a source package directory and run decopy in it. Depending on the size of the package, it might take a while (the thorough processing means that a lot of checking is going on). This will show you the generated debian/copyright file in stdout. If you want to store it and diff it against your current copyright file, use decopy --output /tmp/copyright.

There's more documentation in the README file.

Future changes

More licenses are coming, the intention is to support all licenses listed in the SPDX License List. Additionally, the analysis will be improved to prioritize looking for the most common licenses first, avoiding unnecessary delays.

More modes of operation are also coming. We are planning for a diff mode that shows you only the changes between the current copyright file and what the tool thinks should be there as well as an explain mode that will let the user know what the differences are in a more verbose manner.

Credits and source

Decopy was mainly written by Maximiliano Curia. I've added testing, documentation and packaging.

It's hosted in collab-maint, licensed under the ISC license. We would love to get more contributors for it :)

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Tue, 18 Feb 2014

MiniDebConf 2014 Barcelona

Debian Women is proud to announce that it will hold a MiniDebConf in Barcelona on 15-16 March 2014, where Debian enthusiasts from far and wide will gather to talk about the latest Debian changes and the Debian community, as well as to meet new and old friends.

The MiniDebConf is fast approaching, be sure to make your travel arrangements! It is going to be an exciting event, in a beautiful venue, in one of the most famous European cities!


A draft schedule (still subject to some last minute changes) is already available. The list of talks promises two days packed with great talks!

If you have an exciting idea for a talk, but missed the deadline, please get in touch with us, we might still have a slot for you.


We are still raising funds to cover the costs of running the conference and to offer travel sponsorship to people who can't pay for it. Please, consider donating any amount you can, everything helps!


If you want to attend the conference, but are unable to cover the costs. Please contact us! We don't have a big budget, but we will make our best to help. Naturally, priority will be given to participants who have an accepted talk.

About this MiniDebConf

We want to have a MiniDebConf with both talks and social events, to which everyone in Debian is invited but where the speakers in the talks are all people who identify themselves as female. We consider this important to

The idea behind the conference is not to talk about women in free software, or women in Debian, but rather to make discussion about Debian subjects more inclusive for women. If you agree with this goal, spread the word. Forward this announcement and help us make this event a great success!

About our sponsors

This event is possible thanks to the help provided by our generous sponsors. In particular, we'd like to thank our platinum sponsor, Google.

We hope to see you in Barcelona!

For more information, visit
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